A comely-looking nun gets into a taxi

A comely-looking nun will get right into a taxi and the person driving can’t take his eyes off her. After a couple of minutes, the nun asks:

“Excuse me, however why are you watching me so insistently?”

“Son, you may’t offend me, I’ve taken my vows for a few years and with my age, I guarantee you that I’ve seen and heard of all types of issues.

So I’m certain that nothing you may say or ask me will scandalize me! “

“Right here, I’ve all the time needed to know what it feels prefer to kiss a nun!”
“You possibly can solely discover out in case you are single and a Catholic.”

“In fact, I’m single and a Catholic!”

“Good, then on the subsequent visitors mild flip proper after which take the primary alley on the left.”

The taxi driver complies and the nun surprises him with a ki** with a capital B. However after they get again to the principle highway, the taxi driver begins crying.

“Why are you crying, son?” the nun asks solicitously.

“Forgive me, sister, for I’ve sinned. I’ve lied to you. I’m married and a Jew!”

The nun, with a shrug of the shoulder replies: And what’s the issue?!

 My title is Arturo and I’m going to a Carnival social gathering!