A Friend’s Son Broke One Of His Prized Collectibles At A NYE Party Last Year, So He Didn’t Invite Her To This Year’s Party

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My house, my rules…

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“I’m a 31 male. I usually host NYE parties at my house.

I have a… considerate amount of Amiibo figures that I have collected over the years, enclosed in a glass showcase that has a key.

I keep it locked because two of my female friends have kids and I like having them over. It’s fine.

One kid is a problem child.

The thing is, I have a third mom friend in my group. Let’s call her Lucy.

She has a 6 year old son. And at last new year’s I forgot the key in the showcase and he played with my amiibos.

Just playing tho, would have been fine, but he ripped them off the bases, damaging a few.

I complained and asked for her to pay me back for the damaged ones, but she just brushed it off.

So this year out of a small amount of spite, I didn’t invite her. No one at the party even seemed to notice.

And then, a text…

Today, I get the angry text, saying that she really likes my party and its a shame I forgot she was my friend and why didn’t I invite her.

I said it was because of what happened last year, that I didn’t want her child near my collection again.

She said I was childish. I admit that, regarding damaging my stuff, I am. She also said I was an AH and that wasn’t a reason to not invite someone and that her child was just playing.

Some friends say that it’s ok, that it’s understandable. Even my two other friends with kids that have known me for years understand.

Others agree that I’m the *******.


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Have these women ever heard of babysitters?

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