A lady suffering from migraines learns

A woman affected by migraines learns of a brand new remedy. 

She then goes to the physician they’ve indicated to her and he says to her: “

Madam, the remedy could be very easy: come dwelling, stand in entrance of the lavatory mirror for about ten minutes a day for 3 days in a row; 

maintain the index finger of your proper hand and that of your left hand in your temples, lean your brow in opposition to the mirror and repeat with conviction:

I don’t have a headache, I don’t have a headache”.

The woman goes dwelling and does all the things she was prescribed and, on the third day, she miraculously now not suffers from complications.

Enthusiastic, she talks about this remedy to a buddy of hers, stricken with again ache,

and he or she too instantly goes to the physician, who offers her the identical indications,

however with a special system to repeat: “I’ve no again ache, I’ve no again ache” and he or she too recovered in three days.

A 3rd buddy learns of it and decides to ship her husband to the physician as he has not carried out her conjugal duties for years. 

The husband comes dwelling, spends the same old three days within the lavatory after which manages to offer his greatest.

Then he apologizes to his spouse and goes to the lavatory. 

After 10 minutes he manages to make his spouse really feel unbelievable, however then he apologizes once more and goes to the lavatory. 

Then the spouse, happy however intrigued, follows him and peeks by means of the keyhole and sees her husband together with his fingers on his temples,

leaning in opposition to the mirror who, with a satisfied air, is reciting

“She’s not my spouse, she’s not my spouse!”