A lawyer sits next to a blonde on a plane

A lawyer sits subsequent to a blonde on a aircraft, and he actually needs her to note him, however she reveals no curiosity.

The lawyer shouldn’t be used to being rejected, so he says:

“Let’s play a recreation. We shuttle and ask one another questions, and in case you don’t know the reply, you give the particular person $5.”

The blonde isn’t , and he or she declines.

After 20 minutes of silence, the lawyer says:

“Okay, let’s play the identical recreation, however in case you miss a query, you give me $5. If I miss a query, I provide you with $300.”

The blonde is intrigued by the cash, so she agrees.

The lawyer smiles and asks her:

“What’s the load of the moon?”

The blonde says, “I don’t know,” and provides him the $5

Then she asks him:

“What goes up with two legs and comes down with 3?”

The lawyer doesn’t know the reply to the query however doesn’t need to admit it, so he spends the remainder of the flight attempting to determine it out.

Throughout this time, the blonde naps in peace. When the aircraft lands, the lawyer fingers the blonde the $300.

As they’re getting off the aircraft, the lawyer runs as much as her and says:

“Please, what’s the reply to the query?”

The blonde smiles, fingers him $5, and calmly walks away.

I hope you appreciated the joke! It’s fairly lengthy, so thanks in case you learn the entire thing!