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Old Albert is visiting his doctor because he’s been having trouble with his hearing.

“Doc,” says Albert, “I’ve been having problems with my hearing.”

“Right!” says the doctor. “Let me take a closer look.”

With that, the doctor picks up an otoscope and begins inspecting Albert’s ear.

After a few moments of inspection, the doctor says, “It looks like there’s some sort of object stuck in your ear.“

The doctor grabs a pair of tweezers and proceeds to remove the object carefully.

As he pulls it out, the doctor looks at it closely and then exclaims, “It looks like a suppository!“

Old Albert looks closely at the suppository, and then he looks at the doctor and says “Doc, can I use your phone?”

“Of course,” the doctor replied.

“I need to tell my wife that I now know where I put my hearing aid,” Albert continued.