An aeroplane crashed on a small uninhabited island

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John and Jack are the sole survivors of the crash. They briefly mourned the passing of other travelers on the plane, then start to explore the island for means of survival.

To their horror, the island is not actually uninhabited: there lived a tribe of cannibals!

Before the two realised, they’ve been cornered swiftly by the indigenous population, saliva frothing aggressively in their mouth.

Having been deprived of human flesh for a while, thechief at the back seems to be preparing broth and fire to welcome their unexpected meal.

“Please don’t eat us!” John and Jack begged for mercy, “we have family at home we need to take care of!”

The chief, who figured out what happened from the loud “crash” on their island 10 minutes ago, thought they should be given a chance at redemption.

“If you don’t want to be eaten, each of you find 50 of the same fruit on this island and return as soon as possible!”

Despite the strange request, the two figured they might want some condiments to go with whatever game they’ve been eating. Alas, there’s also no escape from this tiny island, so they two set out promptly.


About one hour later, John returns with 50 blueberries, thinking he is in the clear. The chief, partially satisfied, claims that this tribe hasn’t consumed humans for a while and is desperate for any taste it. “If you want us to let you free,” says the chief, “shove the 50 blueberries up your ass, and wait for further instructions.”

Despite being horrified, John knew there is no other way of making it out alive, and so he complied. The process was difficult, but he made steady progress with the task, and he comes near to completing it. However, while he was shoving the last one with much difficulty, he suddenly burst out laughing, and the 49 blueberries come flying out. Failing to fulfil the task, he was killed by the tribe.


An angel greeted John upon his arrival to heaven. Unable to hold back the urge to share his bizzare adventure, he talks to the angel and blurts out his experiences. The angel responded, “wow, you had it rough! I understood most of it except for one part: why did you suddenly burst out laughing despite the hostile circumstances?”