Bros Challenge Girl To A Wrestling Match, But Then She’s Blamed For Breaking A Vase Even Though It Wasn’t Her Fault

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This story is uncomfortable more than anything else.

A woman went to Reddit to share her awkward experience.

My boyfriend and I (23f) are currently taking care of Nina (15f), my boyfriend’s half sister, because her parents will be out of town for a couple of months.

I’m average built but most my paternal side are very tall and heavily built.

Nina is not short but she’s willowy. She looks very delicate and fine-boned.

Nina has been doing a couple forms of martial arts since she was 7 or 8.

Nina tagged along…

A couple days ago I took Nina with me to pick up a few things at my uncle’s.

My cousin Ted arrived early from another city so we stayed so I could catch up with them a bit.

Everyone welcomed Nina and asked her how was her life in another city and her hobbies and whatnot.

There was a subtle undertone of misogyny in the room.

My cousins Ted (22m) and Cole (17m) were openly staring when Nina told them she does martial arts.

Ted used to wrestle in high school and Cole is on his school’s varsity football team.

They said it was great she took martial arts to defend herself but suggested a couple objects she could use against “really big, strong guys” she may be unable to handle.

Nina was not about to let two strangers tell her what she can and can’t do.

Nina said sizes don’t matter and she can protect herself against attackers of all kinds.

Again, Ted and Cole stared at her and asked if she seriously thought she could protect herself against someone their sizes.

Ted was 6’4 and Cole was 6’3, both over 200 lbs.

Nina said yes.

Can we get a referee in here?

Cole then asked Nina to go to the living room and told her to try to fend him off.

We watched as Nina dodged Cole’s grab until he managed to hold her ankle and brought her down. She tripped him in return and tried to shake him off while he tried to pull her to him.

In the process they pulled the rug which upset a table, knocking it into another table and the vase on it fell to the floor, broken.

Safe to say the vase’s owner was not happy.

My aunt came downstairs and gave everyone involved a scolding, telling them the house was no place for a fight.

She then said Cole and I owed her a new vase.

I told her this was all on Cole who suggested they fight in the first place. Cole also said it was on him, but my aunt wouldn’t have it.

She said this was a teaching moment for Nina to own up to her mistakes.

Nina offered to pay but I refused to let her.

Ted stepped in and said he got his mom a new vase for Christmas so this was perfect timing and there was no need to make this a big deal.

Nina and I left and my boyfriend agreed we shouldn’t have to pay.

My aunt later called me and said I was being selfish and that the vase wasn’t even that expensive but it was the principles of things that when you broke stuff, you need to take responsibilities.


Readers were somewhat divided with this story.

One person found it strange and inappropriate that the older male cousins wanted to fight the fifteen year old girl.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Another reader questioned why no one tried to stop the fight.

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This person felt maybe the aunt was the one being the ******* if anything!

Source: Reddit/AITA

This is why we can’t have nice things!

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