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Do You Want To Work 1 - Story ‣ Do You Want To Work

I was short staffed that day, so I asked him.. “do you want to work”?

His eyes opened up so wide and a big smile came across his face, and he said yes!! He said I will do anything for some food.

So for two weeks now, he has been on time for his two hour shift. He helps me with taking out the trash and doing dishes. I pay him at the end of each shift, and you know what he decides to do? Is to spend it in the restaurant on some nice warm food.

I try to offer it to him for free, but he refuses.. so I discount it all. He told me today that he enjoys to being able to finally pay for something, that it makes him feel good inside.

The moral of this story, is to do something nice for someone no matter what their situation is. Even if they are asking you for some spare change, because we really don’t know their story, or what they are going through. And everybody deserves a second chance. ”