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Fathers Gift to Son Know Your Value 1 - Story ‣ Father’s Gift to Son - Know Your Value

Giving a car key to his son, father said, “Son, you have completed you graduation with very good marks. Here is my gift for your graduation.

Your grandfather gave me this car as my graduation gift. Now i want you to keep it.”

Son said, “But.. it’s old…”

Father said to his son, “Son, i know it’s old but before you decide anything about this car. I want you to take this car to junkyard and tell it’s owner that you want to sell it and see how much he is willing to pay for it.”

Son went to junkyard and after a while returned to father and said, “He said he will pay only 90$ for it as it is old.”

Father said, “Now, go and show this car to a near by garage owner and asked him what he is willing to pay for it.”

Son went and after sometime he returned to his father and said, “He offered 500$ for this car.”

Father said, “Now, go to vintage car collector and ask him what he thinks it’s value is..”

Son came back and said to his father excitedly, “Car collector offered me 7000$ for this car..”

Father smiled and said,”Understand something?”

Son looked at his father with confused look.

Father said, “I want you to understand that Right place values you the Right way. If you are not getting respect in an establishment, don’t get angry because it means you are not at right place.

Because right people will always know your worth and will appreciate you. Therefore, never stay at place that doesn’t value you.”

Only Right person will know your Right Worth..