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Funny Joke Family Zoo Trip 1 - Funny Joke ‣ Family Zoo Trip

A mother and father take their son to the Zoo.

While standing at the elephant enclosure enclosure a bull elephant produces a huge erection.

The young lad shouts “Mommy, whats that big thing hanging down?”

All the people around her are laughing and she is very embarrassed.

Mother “Hush now, thats his trunk.”

Boy “(Loudly) No, No mommy. The OTHER big thing!”

Mom “Thats nothing, nothing, now go get you father.”

He runs over to his father and, of course , he asks “what,s that Da?”

Father “Well son , that,s the elephant,s P*NIS.”

Boy “I asked Ma and she said ‘that,s nothing!’”

Dad:’ That bloody woman, NEVER f*ckin satisfied!