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An inmate escapes from a facility for the criminally insane, in the Irish countryside, on a freezing cold winter night by squeezing through a bathroom window, completely naked. The police are scouring the area and questioning everyone for a sighting.

The local cop goes into the localbar the next day and asks, “Any of you lads see anything strange or anyone lurking about?”

There is a shaking of heads from the taciturn group of drinkers so he heads off.

As he’s going out the door one old geezer say’s “Well There’s nothin at all – except maybe the fellow I saw on the way home about 3am this mornin”

WHAT! where was this! Down the road, he was squatted down in the ice at the bottom of the watery ditch in the lane’ Bollock naked !

Good God man-did’nt you say anything? Oh I surely did- I said HARDY MAN EH.