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Little Jenny  isn’t a very good student. She gives an especially poor performance at religion classes.

One day, the teacher asks Little Jenny a question.

“So Jenny, could you tell me who created the world?”

Little Jenny is thinking hard, but she doesn’t really now the answer. Suddenly, Little Johnny who’s sitting behind her stabs her with a needle.

“Dear God!” screams Little Jenny.

“Wonderful!” says the teacher, obviously satisfied with the answer.

A little while later, the teacher asks another question.

“And so Jenny, how do we call Our Savior, the Son of God?”

Little Johnny stabs Little Jenny again with the needle.

“Sweet Jesus!” she cries out.

“The answer is correct! And could you tell me what Eve said to Adam when their twenty-third child was born?”

Little Johnny stabs her a third time and Little Jenny shouts: “If you stab me with that another time, I’ll rip off your balls!”