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Funny Joke Treating A Cold 1 - Funny Joke ‣ Treating A Cold

When Pat and Mike met each other on the street one day, Pat noticed that Mike had a terrible cold.

“Have you seen a doctor about that cold?” he asked.

“No,” said Mike, “But I probably should. Do you know a good doctor?”

Pat gave him the name of his own doctor and assured him that he’d be in good hands.

About a week later, they met again and Pat wasn’t sure if the cold was really better.

“Did you see my doctor?” Pat inquired.

“Oh, yeah,” Mike replied. He was a really nice guy!”

“Well, did he give you something to help your cold”?

“Sure did!” Mike answered, somewhat enthusiastically. “He told me to drink a big glass of fresh orange juice after a hot bath.”

“Well, did it help?” Pat asked hesitantly.

“How do I know?” Mike retorted. “I haven’t even finished drinking the bath yet!”