Her Boyfriend Thought He Could Win A Real Fight. She Laughed At Him When He Lost.

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The movies (and television) make it seem like actual fight fights happen between dudes all the time.

In my experience in middle class America, that is not actually true.

OP’s young. Her boyfriend likes to play fight.

I (18F) and my boyfriend (19M) have been dating since we started college in October 2021.

For the past I’d say 8 months my bf has become very interested in UFC (mma? idk what to call it). He gets up at like 3AM to watch fights and often has play fights with his friends one of these friends are important in this situation (I’ll call him S).

We had a very large group of friends,we all graduated in summer but we all kept in touch over summer until now.

Now these play fights or “spars” as my bf would say were all fun and games but they actually led my bf to believe he could actually fight because S (who says he does mma) said he’s naturally good.

This led to him wanting to try actual fighting.

This led to a massive ego and he said he wanted to have a actual fight, and one of our other friends dad owned a gym with ring and he said he could let him fight there (idk if that was even legal).

S proposed a guy for him to fight and it was a guy back from school I’ll call A.

S was friends with A(not close friends) and I knew A because we used to sit next to each other in class.

S said he’ll try get a hold of him.

A agreed, shockingly.

His friends found an opponent who OP knew. She advised against it.

When A agreed I did express some concern to my bf (multiple times) and he didn’t listen.

A was a quiet guy, but as we sat next to each other for a year I knew probably more than others about him.

He was pretty much just one of those traditional masculine males in a physical sense, worked out 6 days a week, rode horses and did archery, owned large dogs but was one of those guys that looked intimidating but was actually a nerdy and friendly guy.

My bf didn’t like A or A’s friends, and neither did the rest of the boys in our friends group.

I always questioned my bf on this as A had literally never even spoken to him, and my bf used to say it’s because A is so arrogant and thinks he’s so good looking.

This led to a lot of arguments with my bf, because why did my bf care if other women were attracted to A when he had me?

Nobody knew if A could fight but S said he told him something about he had been training in some form of martial arts.

The whole build up to this my bf was acting so childish, he’d constantly try insult A in a group chat that was made and A wouldn’t even open them 90% of the time and I dont think he responded once.

Her boyfriend didn’t listen and got totally owned.

When the fight came along there was only one outcome from the start.

A was visibly towering over my bf, and he had clearly bulked up.

On top of that, turned out he could fight, my bf lost in i’d say 90 seconds.

After it I didn’t bother consoling him, I berated him because I expressed my concern multiple times and he picked not to listen to me.

She laughed.

He said I’m an AH because I should support him unconditionally if I really loved him.

He now wont speak to me, because he says I embarrassed him in front of his friends while he was vulnerable.

Part of me feels bad but I feel like he needed to hear the truth.

Somehow, that makes her the one in the hot seat here.

The top comment is wondering if the winner is single.

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This person agrees that the boyfriend does not sound like a catch.

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It sounds like OP might have a bit of a crush herself.

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But this commenter isn’t letting OP off the hook.

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They say it sounds like a lack of maturity on all sides.

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As an author, I know how this story should end.

Because we all think A is truly the hero here.

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