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I Wish I Had Informed The Old Woman 1 - Funny Joke ‣ I Wish I Had Informed The Old Woman

Once an old lady stepped into a bus with her son and when the bus started to move, his son stepped out and asked her to mind stop X.

After two minutes of the ride, the old lady walked up to the aisle and asked the conductor if stop X has come.

The conductor said not yet.

After that, she started doing it every now and then. So the conductor got pissed off and shouted”You old lady, go back and sit at your place. Ill informs you when we reach there.”

This time conductor said “ma’am, we are really sorry, stop X passed 1-hour ago. But we will go back there for you “So the lady sat at her seat for about two hours and then went back to him for the same question.

So the bus ran for one hour in the opposite direction. On reaching X, the conductor told her “here is your stop X ma’am”.

The old lady took a pill from her bag, swallowed it and told the conductor to move ahead.

” my son told me to take them when we reach place X”

the woman rocked, conductor shocked.