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Life Lesson In A Metro 1 - Story ‣ Life Lesson In A Metro

Once upon a time, there was a girl in the metro sitting with her head down on her bag. With earphones plugged in, and listening to her favorite list of songs. Suddenly, she heard the sound of someone talking on the phone loud. She opened her eyes and saw a tall boy in cargo shorts and Captain America T-shirts wearing bright color sleepers with an i phone in his right hand and holding the door with the left hand.

The boy was very much busy in talking, didn’t realize the intensity of his voice. Speaking loud and clear, talking to his friend, saying ” sure bro, I will be there in 10 min, I’m at Rajouri garden. I didn’t bring my BMW, my uncle is away with it. And Audi is with my brother.” She listens to this conversation and then puts her head back down.

She is very much a philosophical girl. She thinks a lot about everything. She tries to put reasoning, logic to everything around her. This time also she went into her sub-consciousness. She started thinking about the reasons, the boy might be having in his mind which were forcing him to speak loud.

Firstly, Maybe, he is used to speaking aloud. But the simple logic doesn’t suit her.

Secondly, he might be showing off.

Then suddenly a character arose in her subconsciousness just like that  Priyanka Chopra’s Colgate ad “kya apke toothpaste me namak hai”. This new character asks her – “You,  thinking about this boy as someone showing off !. You’re jealous because of his expensive four Wheeler”.

she laughed “four Wheeler” and replied “No, I have more than enough as he does. His requirements and mine are two different things. He is going to Janakpuri and I have to go Dwarka. And we both have enough in our pockets to reach our destination.okay.

Then he might be going somewhere far in his car but my home is just a walk away. So, why should I be jealous? I have enough”.

Reporter grins and nodes. “So, what is it then?”

The girl added ” well, truly I was thinking about is. Why people get jealous? if others had something that you didn’t have”.

With a pause, she continues. “Actually, what I see is, life is just like a 1600 m race but the catch is, everyone started from the different starting line and will end on different finish lines. You have met that person while circling your laps.

You might see him going ahead of you really fast. But maybe, he has just started and you just have only one lap to go to reach your finish line. So, you are neither late nor early. You are on your right lap.

People should not waste energy on competition, comparison. With a different starting line, different finish line, On comparing, you are just making your last lap harder. You have come a long way and will go a long ahead. The finish line is waiting for you.”

A beep sound interfered the thinking “This station is Dwarka. Doors will open on the left. Please mind the gap.”

She gets off the train. And got busy in other thoughts.