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Maude had recently been widowed and she visits the mortuary to pay her respects to her late husband, Bert’s body.

The mortuary assistant leads her into the Chapel of Rest where the late Bert’s body is lying-in-state.

On seeing Bert, Maude cannot stop herself from sobbing, with tears pouring down her face.

The mortuary assistant attempts to comfort her, putting his arm around her and saying, “Mam, I’m so sorry for your loss, but at least he’s at peace now.”

Maude struggles to regain her composure.


After a few moments, she says, “It’s not losing him that’s upset me, I just can’t bear seeing him wearing a suit.”

The mortuary assistant apologises before saying, “When men pass away, we always bury them in a suit.”

“But Bert was a clown, and he spent his life making others laugh,” said Maude. “His dying wish was to be buried in a clown costume.”

“Oh, I see,” said the mortuary assistant. “Well, let me see what I can arrange for you. Leave it with me.”

On the morning of the funeral, Maude returns to the mortuary to spend a few, precious seconds with Bert and to say goodbye.

The mortuary assistant opens the casket for her, and as he does so, Maude smiles when she sees that Bert is now dressed in the costume he loved.

“Oh, thank you,” said Maude. “But where did you find a clown costume at such short notice?“

“It was serendipity really,” said the mortuary assistant, with a smile. “Just the day before yesterday, another clown died following a tragic accident whilst he was performing at the circus.”

“Really?” said Maude.

“Yes,” said the mortuary assistant. “And, as luck would have it, his family wanted him to be buried in a suit.”

“I don’t quite follow,” said Maude, a little confused.

“Well, it was simple,” said the mortuary assistant. “All I had to do was swap their heads around.“