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Rickshaw Puller Secret of Happiness 1 - Story ‣ Rickshaw Puller Secret of Happiness!

Once a rich man was going to office. On the way his car broke down, it was very important for him to reach office at time.

So, he looked around and saw a rickshaw under a tree, rickshaw puller was lying down near by, humming songs.

Rich man was surprised to see, rickshaw puller sitting carefree and happy like this.

He went to him and asked, “Will you go?”

Rickshaw puller replied, “Yes.”

When rich man asked about money he would take to get him to destination, rickshaw puller replied 20rs.

Rich man sat behind and rickshaw puller started paddling, while humming happily. Rich man was still surprised at how a person can be happy even after earning so less.

To understand the secret of happiness of rickshaw puller, after reaching destination, rich man gave him his address and invited him for dinner in his bungalow.

Rickshaw puller happily accepted invitation.

At dinner time, rickshaw puller reached rich man house. Rich man welcomed him and asked his servants to serve best food to him.

Rickshaw puller started eating with pleasure while humming. Seeing him, rich man felt as if it wasn’t first time when that rickshaw puller had eaten such good food but looked like he had eaten such exotic food many times.

Now, rich man curiosity grew and to satisfy it, he asked rickshaw puller to stay at his bungalow for few days. Rich man treated him with utter respect. Gave him new shoes, clothes and all amenities.

Even after living with so many luxury, rickshaw puller was looking equally happy, as he was before coming to bungalow, when rich man met him for first time.

Rich man asked him, “Are you comfortable?”

Rickshaw puller said with folded hands, “I am very happy. Thanks to GOD.”

Now, rich man thought, “I should send him back, then perhaps he will realize the pleasure of these wonderful things.”

Rich man went to him and said, “You should leave tomorrow.”

Rickshaw puller replied, “Alright, i will go back to my home.”

In morning, rickshaw puller came back and took out the black and dirty cloth from bag, cleaned his rickshaw, started humming with fun and left.

After some day, rich man went to see him. He saw that rickshaw puller was still as happy as he was on first day he met him.

Rich man went to him and asked, “Brother, are you not bothered by sorrows of poverty, even after living in such luxury? You are still looking happy, humming..”

Rickshaw puller said, “A person should be happy in any situation and should thank God for this life.

Rich man asked, “What do you keep humming all day?”

Rickshaw puller smiled and replied, “All day i keep singing glory of GOD. He has given me everything. I chant name of God all the time. I don’t know which will be last breath of mine…

Rich man stood bewildered, he understood secret of happiness.