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Sage Lesson to Rich Man Story 1 - Story ‣ Sage Lesson to Rich Man Story

Once lived a rich man, who had lots of property, a huge mansion and servants still there was no peace of mind.

One day someone told him that a Sage lives in nearby area. He told him that, Sage have such power that, if people go to him, by his power he would give people what they desired.

Rich man went to Sage and bowed down to him and said, “Maharaj, i have no shortage of money but my mind remains very restless. Please give me some remedy by which this unrest will go away.”

Rich man thought that Sage would give him some tailsman or do something which will fulfill his wish instantly.

But Sage asked him to stay with him. Rich man thought may be Sage asked him to stay here, so that he can use his power to make his unrest go away.

Rich man agreed.

Next morning, Sage asked rich man to stay seated in sun for whole day and he himself went inside his hut in shade and sat there peacefully.

It was summer time and rich man had to stay in sun all day. Thinking how Sage himself was sitting inside and he had to stay outside whole day, he got very angry but stayed silent.

Next day, Sage said to Rich man that he will not get food for whole day. That day, rich man didn’t get even a grain of food to eat and meanwhile, Sage himself sat in front of him and ate food with great pleasure.

There had never been a day when rich man day went without eating but today, he didn’t get to eat at all. Due to hunger he was upset. At night he couldn’t even sleep for a moment. He kept thinking how selfish Sage is.

Next day Rich man wake up early and started to pack his bag and leave. When Sage saw this he asked, “What happened?”

Rich man replied, “I came here with great hope but i didn’t get anything. On contrary i had to face such troubles which i have never faced in my life before. Therefore, i am going.”

Listening to this, Sage laughed and said, “I gave you so much but you didn’t take anything.”

Rich man looked at Sage in surprised and asked, “What.. You have not given me anything.”

Sage replied, “When i made you sit in sun on first day and myself remained in shade, i tried to tell you that my shade cannot be of use to you.

When you didn’t understand that.

Next day i kept you hungry and at myself very well, from this i tried to tell you that your stomach cannot be filled by my eating.

Remember that, you will not be able to get any benefit from my Sadhana. If you want peace then I can show you the way but you have to walk that path yourself.

You have earned money by your own effort and you will also get peace through your own effort.”

Rich man understood and found a way to reach his destination.