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Secret of Happiness in Old Age 1 - Story ‣ Secret of Happiness in Old Age

Once the famous Greek philosopher Socrates went to a city while traveling. There he met an old gentleman. After talking for a while, they got along quite well with each other.

The old gentleman urged Socrates to come to his residence. Socrates agreed and came to his house. Old gentleman had a full family, many sons, grandsons and granddaughters were all in the house.

Socrates asked the old man, “There is happiness and prosperity in your house. Well, what do you do now?”

Old man said, “Now, I don’t have to do anything. By the grace of God, we have a good business, all the responsibilities of which have now been handed over to the sons. Our daughters-in-law take care of the house. That’s how life going on.”

Hearing this, Socrates said, “But even in this old age you have to do something… Tell me what is the secret of your happy life in old age?”

Old gentleman smiled and said, “I have adopted only one policy at this point of my life that do not expect too much from others and be satisfied with what you get.

My wife and I handed over our family responsibilities to our sons and daughters-in-law. I laugh and play with my grandchildren.

When my kids make a mistake, I keep quiet. I do not become a hindrance in any of their work. But whenever my children come to me for consultation, I keep all my experiences of my life in front of them and warn them about the ill-effects of their mistake.

Now it’s not my job to see how much they do or don’t follow my advice and if they don’t follow, i don’t let it upset my mind. I do not force them that they should follow my instructions.

I wouldn’t be worried if they make a mistake even after counseling but if they come to me again, I again send them off with the right advice.”

Socrates was very pleased to hear this from the old gentleman. He said, “You have understood rightly how to live life at this age.”

If you are entering the fourth stage of age, then first of all practice controlling your speech, this is the first step to happiness. It is most important to avoid interference in the work of others.

Give advice only when a member of the household asks for advice, otherwise keep quiet. When children grow up, they also learn from experience.

This story is for everyone. If you are not old today, you will be tomorrow. So today “Respect” and “Help” the elderly so that tomorrow someone can “Help” and “Respect” you too.

Remember what is given today is received tomorrow.