Shady Parking Company Gave Them An Unjustified Ticket, So They Threatened To Take Them To Court And Expose Their Scam

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Sometimes, you just have to fight the good fight

And that’s exactly what this person did when they were given a parking ticket that they felt was unjustified.

Check out what they did…we think you’ll be impressed!

“A few years ago, I parked in a paid parking lot, but forgot to buy a parking ticket.

When I came back a few minutes later, I discovered an $80 ticket on my dash.

While I was frustrated about my own forgetfulness, the ticket itself was fair.

However, I came to discover that the amount they had charged me was not.

They noticed something…

Before leaving the lot, I noticed a small detail on the terms and conditions sign at the entrance of the lot. It said that a failure to pay for a parking ticket would result in a $70 ticket, not the $80 that I was charged.

While I’m no lawyer, I do know that those signs essentially create an implicit contract upon entering the lot, therefore the company was technically violating their own contract by charging me extra.

I appealed the ticket, stating that I would be happy to pay the agreed-upon $70, but it was rejected. I then reached out directly to customer service, explaining the same situation.

They rejected my request to pay the valid $70, because their “ticket amounts are non-negotiable”.

Oh, it was ON.

Cue the malicious compliance.

I realized that by their own words, they are the ones attempting to negotiate the price by charging me an extra $10, so I called up the supervisor of their claims department. She was already aware of this dispute, and immediately attempted to shut me down, saying “the signage is not up for discussion”.

I reminded her that their company’s policy states that “ticket amounts are non-negotiable”, and that given what the terms on the sign stated, they were trying to negotiate a higher price. Once again, she shut me down stating the signage is not up to discussion. The rest of the conversation went something like this:

Me: “So where can I escalate this from here?”

Her: “There is no more escalation, next stage is court.”

====Cue more malicious compliance====

Me: “Seems silly to go to court over $10, don’t you think?”

Her: “Yeah, it does.”

Me: “Ok, well I’ll begin the small claims court process over the non-negotiable price issue then.”

Her: “Ok.”

They were enjoying this game.

I was having fun at this point, and was fully ready to start taking legal steps over this $10 on a matter of principle (and knowing that if I did the company would immediately cave).

Before doing that however, I sent one final email to the Vice President of the company.

I explained the whole dispute, explaining the signage, their “non-negotiable” policy, and how the appeals supervisor told me my next step was to take it to court.

I offered them the opportunity to resolve this civilly before going onto that stage.

Victory is mine!

Not even 3 hours later, I got an email back, stating that my ticket had been fully cleared as a courtesy.

I called their bluff, maliciously complying to the contract and the “take it to court” attitude, and it worked!

As an added bit of pettiness, I replied thanking them, and CC’ed the appeals supervisor.

I then directly addressed her, telling her that this is how easy it could have been resolved if she would have actually addressed the signage issue.

The moral of this story: Push back against parking lot companies. They use shady practices, and try to scare people into paying unjustly. Often a simple, but credible legal threat will make any issue disappear.”

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That worked out well for them.

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