Story ‣ Sorry, I Didn’t Hear You

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Sorry I Didnt Hear You - Story ‣ Sorry, I Didn’t Hear You

There was a Watchman who always used to open and close the gates and then greet the house owner but the owner never responds to him. The Watchman thinks his owner is a little arrogant and doesn’t want to talk to some poor fellow.

Every day, after work, he searches the garbage for food. Whatsoever is left by the owners. 

One day, when he was searching for the food he finds a bag full of eatables in a well-packed poly bag. He didn’t understand who put it and why someone does it.

This goes on for several years until his owner has died. After his owner’s death, he searches daily but never got that bag again.

Without that food, it was again difficult for him to feed himself with the little salary he gets. So, he went to the owner’s wife to ask for a salary raise.

When he asked for the salary raise, the owner’s wife questions him why didn’t he come early and had been working with such a little salary.

He tells her about the polybag he used to get every day and for this reason, his salary was enough for his family. But now it stopped.

The owner’s wife got tears in her eyes and said ” you are the fifth one, Telling this story. My husband used to help everyone, he can. Don’t worry, you will have the raise.”

Again from the next day, he starts to get the polybag with eatables at the same place. This time he understands that it must be his owner’s son.

Every day, he greets the owner’s son and even he never replied to the Watchman. One day, nearly feed up with this, he shouted aloud to the owner’s son. ” Sir, thank you”.

The owner’s son turns and said ” Sorry I didn’t hear you. I have a hearing problem just like my father.”

Moral Story:

Two sides to every story. Someone may seem arrogant, jealous, egotistic. But it will be always better to first know the two sides to every story and then reach any final decision. You may be right but you may be wrong as well. We should never be judgmental and decide the character of a person just by his behavior.