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Speeding Driver 1 - Funny Joke ‣ Speeding Driver

A police officer, Jim Murphy stops a speeding car.

As Officer Murphy approaches the vehicle, it’s obvious to him that the driver is extremely agitated. So, naturally, Officer Murphy is cautious.

“Good afternoon, sir,” said the police officer. “Do you know why I’ve stopped you?”

“Yes, officer,” the driver responds. “I was speeding. But you’ve got to understand, I’m in a life-or-death situation.”

“Really?” Officer Murphy responds, quizzically. “And why is that, sir?”

“Officer,” the man continues, “there’s a naked woman waiting for me at my house.”

“Well, I don’t see how that’s a matter of life or death, sir,” says Officer Murphy in response.

“It is,” the driver continues, “because if I don’t get home before my wife does, I’m a dead man!”