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Story The Nova Effect 1 - Story ‣ The Nova Effect

Once a man named Eric was on a walk with his dog nova. While they were near the woods, a rabbit jumped before them and Nova, the dog, ran away after the rabbit.

Nova was lost

Eric searched for him for hours and then days. He notified all the neighbors, his family members to help and put up posters all around but each day came back with no success.

He started to reimagine the incident, he thinks about how horribly unlucky it was that the rabbit jumped out, just the wrong time.

A week passes by, nova came back

Then a woman named Vanessa brought nova back. Eric thanked her for bringing Nova home and then, they had a few talks and a few days later the began to date and eventually became a serious couple.

Now, Eric reimagined the incident that how lucky he was that his dog lost and Vanessa brought him back. It was a good lucky day.

Eric met with an accident

One day, Eric was driving to pick up Vanessa and he got into a car accident. He was quickly taken to the hospital and after some tests and CT scans. The doctor informed him that he had a few scratches and nothing to worry about them but there is a piece of bad news and good news.

Eric got Tumour.

Eric was confused asked the doctor to explain to him. The doctor said:

The bad news is, well, it’s good news, I don’t know. You have an early stage Tumor in your brain.

Eric was shocked and angrily asked:

How in the world, this is a piece of good news. 

The Doctor explained:

Your Tumor is in the early stage where it can be removed with a little surgery. It’s hard to notice such types of the tumor until it too late. Your Accident saved you.

Eric finally collected all the incidents of bad luck (losing his dog, getting in an accident) and also all the great good luck that came out of it (Meeting the love, discovering a curable tumor), demonstrating the incredibly random nature of luck.

Moral story:

It is really impossible to tell whether anything that happens is good or bad because you never know what will be the consequences of the misfortune or you never know what will be the consequences of good fortune.