Supervisor Tries To Make Employee Work An Extra Week After They Resigned. Their Reply Is Defiant And Satisfying.

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I’ve had something like this happen to me before

I left one job and was taking a short break before starting another one and my old boss kept asking me to work…even though I was clear that I needed a little time off before starting the new job.

But some people just don’t get the message…

And this person decided they had to put their foot down!

Check out what they had to say in the story below.

“Work just released next week’s schedule. Problem: I’m on it.

I actually gave a few days longer than two weeks. I handed in my notice on January 25th saying that February 11th would be my last day.

Their boss just doesn’t get it.

For some reason, since I told some co-worker friends I’m taking some time off from working to get my physical and mental health under control before I get a new job, my boss who heard this thinks that means I’m free to work.

She wasn’t able to replace me in two weeks, so she thinks I should stay since I’m “not busy.”

She’s shocked that I’m not willing to, and she called me selfish and inconsiderate in an emailed reply to everyone after I asked to be taken off the schedule.

I personally think it’s the other way around. Am I the ******* for not staying, or is she the ******* for assuming I could and trying to force me?

They really need this time off.

Let’s be real, I could work next week, but the reason I need a few weeks before working again is because this job literally has me working 12 hour shifts 5 days a week (I was hired part-time btw and wasn’t even asked to go above 40 hours, definitely not 60) and I literally can’t get ANYTHING done in regards to my personal life and health.

I need time to make doctor’s appointments, schedule a surgery for my mouth and my arm, get my teeth looked at, get my mental health meds refilled but I need to see somebody in person for that so I haven’t taken them in over a year since EVERYTHING opens and closes while I’m still stuck later than I’m scheduled at work, etc.,

But I haven’t been able to take care of business for the two years I’ve had this job.

I never want to leave a job on bad terms, but I almost don’t even want to show up for this week, because WHAT THE HELL.”

Here’s what people had to say.

One person said they’re NTA and they don’t even need a reason not to go in.

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Another individual said she needs to get HR involved.

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This Reddit user has an idea about what they should do…

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One reader said they were actually considerate in how they acted.

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And one person said this wasn’t selfish behavior.

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Good for her!

That’s how it’s done!

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