The teacher told the class

It was the primary day after Christmas trip in a third grade class.

The trainer informed the category that every pupil may inform the category one factor they acquired for Christmas.

So, the trainer calls on a lady to come back as much as the entrance of the category and inform everybody one factor she acquired.

“My daddy acquired me a Bow-Wow,” she mentioned.

The trainer tells the category that they’re sufficiently old to know the proper phrases for issues with out utilizing nicknames.

The trainer tells the lady to strive once more.

The lady thinks actual laborious…”My dad acquired me a canine,” she mentioned.

She sat down and a boy acquired up and mentioned, “I acquired a choo-choo!”

The trainer scolded him and informed him to strive once more.

The boy thought laborious and mentioned, “I acquired an electrical practice!”

That boy sits down and a very shy child will get up and sadly says, “I acquired a guide.”

The trainer feels dangerous for the child and she or he asks, “What was the title of the guide?”

The boy thinks very laborious.

The category waits because the boy is pondering.

Lastly, the boys face brightened and he mentioned, “Winnie The Shit!”