“What Things Oddly Existed At The Same Time?” (68 Answers)

Time and progress, as we all know, work in magical methods. Whereas most of us get pleasure from technological breakthroughs in celluloid type à la “Barbenheimer,” one of many oldest indigenous tribes on this planet, the Yanomamiare preventing for his or her survival within the Amazon.

However this is only one instance of various timelines occurring on the identical time, however in several elements of the world. Depend u/Cuishwho requested the AskReddit neighborhood “What different issues are unusual on the identical time?”, famous, the final execution by guillotine in France passed off in 1977, the identical yr that Star Wars by George Lucas fully modified the course of sci-fi movies. Scroll down under and uncover these intriguing random info for your self.

My favourite that I discovered:

When Harvard opened, they did not have a calculus class as a result of *calculus hadn’t been invented but.*

DJ Block , Emily Karakis Report

One thing that unusually did NOT exist on the identical time: Tyrannosaurus Rex was nearer in time to people than a Stegosaurus.

Ts4EVER , Jon Butterworth Report

Dmitri Shostakovich (main Russian composer who grew to become large within the 1920s) attended a efficiency of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Jesus Christ Famous person” in London, 1975. He actually preferred it and went to see it once more the following day, saying he wished to jot down one thing for a rock band.

guiporto32 Report

I watched the primary moon touchdown with a girl who had been to Paris for the primary touchdown of Lindbergh’s transcontinental flight.

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zestyspleen , NASA Report

The final execution by guillotine passed off on September 10, 1977.

The Atari 2600, the primary profitable residence online game console, was launched the following day. In a way, the boundary separating the “age of guillotines” and the “age of video video games” is lower than 24 hours. That is often a positive line with no overlap.

SleeplessShitposter , Paul Glazzard Report

Orville Wright of the Wright brothers lived lengthy sufficient to see Chuck Yaeger break the sound barrier and journey in an airliner with a wingspan equal to the gap he lined on his first flight (37m)

cruiserman_80 , Wikipedia Report

Salvador Dali as soon as attended an Alice Cooper live performance

tmfult Report

Girls in Switzerland had the correct to vote in 1971 when India already had a girl prime minister!

squealing Report

Anne Frank, Martin Luther King Jr., and Barbara Walters [were born in 1929.](https://twitter.com/WhatTheFFacts/standing/446672526572519425), Barbra Walter died in December 2022.

NYSenseOfHumor , Ronnie Kurtz Report

There are literally Japanese residing in the present day who interacted with precise samurai.

(Japan started to modernize and abolish the samurai within the 1860s, so a samurai born within the 1840s who lived to be 100 would overlap with the lifespan of somebody 80+ years outdated)

sailor megtun , Chris Amon Report

Individuals walked on the moon earlier than we put wheels on a suitcase

Blythyvxr Report

Queen Elisabeth II and Marilyn Monroe had been born in the identical yr, 1926.

cosmic_jenny Report

If you happen to had been born earlier than January 7, 1989, you existed concurrently Emperor Hirohito.

RockVonCleveland Report

Legal guidelines making interracial marriage unlawful in Mississippi had been nonetheless on the books in 1994.

sbrooks84 Report

Bro, South African Apartheid ended the yr Jurassic Park got here out. We eat popcorn drooling over dinosaur puppets, whereas they nonetheless combat to make use of the identical rest room as white individuals. It is a pitiful time. In fact, hindsight tells us that Apartheid started and ended with $$$ in thoughts. Financial variety drove the top of mentioned segregation…Together with most civil rights victories all through the 20th century 😑

Concert-Turbulent Report

The final surviving witness to Lincoln’s assassination appeared on the TV sport present *I’ve Received a Secret* a couple of weeks earlier than his demise in 1954.

the2velo , Wikipedia Report

The final lynching occurred in Cell, AL on 21 March **1981**.

In 1994 the next bands launched albums:

– Infamous BIG
– Oasis
– Hootie and the Blowfish
– Usher
– Korn
– Outcasts
– Beck
– Soundgarden
– Inexperienced Day
– Pearl Jam
– 9 inch Nails
– The Lion King ( **I am feeling the love tonight)
– The Cranberries
– Bon Jovi
– Ace of Base
– Sheryl Crow

What a decade to be a music fan.

Leucippus1 Report

Winston Churchill:

• journey a cavalry cost

• ordered nuclear weapons

armsanhearts Report

The Jonestown Bloodbath and the discharge of The Star Wars Vacation Particular occurred inside the identical 48 hours.

JohnTheMod Report

How a couple of twist on an outdated favourite:

Mammoths nonetheless existed when Ea-Nasir was promoting s****y copper

swell up Report

Goodfellas was launched weeks earlier than West and East Germany reunited

ST-Parks Report

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Thomas Edison, John Philip Sousa, and Clint Eastwood had been residing on the identical time.

Glade_Runner Report

You lived with the final surviving Civil Warfare widow. He simply died three years in the past.

badgersprite Report

The final assault on the Capitol occurred the identical yr that the final Spider-Man film (No Manner House) was launched in 2021.

Healthy-Up-286 Report

The Marquis de Lafayette (from the American Revolutionary Warfare and the Hamilton musical) lived lengthy sufficient to see the primary 3D movement image. (Stereoscopy was invented a yr earlier than his demise.)

Sir-Viette Report

Aboriginal Australians had been on Earth concurrently wooly mammoths.

Octonaughty Report

When the American Civil Warfare broke out, the fashionable bicycle had simply been invented. (1860 for the ‘velocipede’ of Michaux and Lallement and 1861 for the assault on Ft. Sumter)

Additionally, Nintendo is just 21 years youthful than Tabasco sauce. (1868 and 1889)

pn1ct0g3n Report

John Tyler was the 10th President of the US, serving from 1841 to 1845. He has one residing grandson.

CorgiMonsoon Report

King Mongkut of Siam (the King featured in Roger’s and Hammerstein’s the King and I) reigned on the identical time that President Lincoln entered workplace. Mongkut even supplied the president a pair of elephants for the conflict effort. Technically, the letter was addressed to Buchanan, however he had already left the workplace when the letter arrived.

SnooChipmunks126 Report

The Roman Empire might have led to 1922 in case you see the Ottomans because the professional successors to the Japanese Roman Empire as a result of they didn’t formally take away the titles of Vasileus and Kaysar i Rum

Yodi_worshipper1900 Report

Nikola Tesla might have witnessed the US Civil Warfare and World Warfare 2. (1856-1943)

-Work_Account- Report

COVID-19 and the final pensioner of the American Civil Warfare

Irene Triplett was born in 1930 to an aged Civil Warfare veteran and his spouse. He in some way inherited his pension when his father died and he died in March of 2020.

FarkleSpart Report

Man walked on the moon, based Wendy’s, and Sesame Road premiered all in the identical yr.

YodasChick-O-Stick Report

I overlook the main points, however technically a samurai might have despatched a fax to Abraham Lincoln.

We-R-Doomed Report

Kobe Bryant and the final Shah of Iran shared the world for a couple of months

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