Two Irishmen were digging a ditch

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Two Irishmen were digging a ditch directly across from a brothel.

Suddenly, they saw a rabbi walk up to the front door, glance around and duck inside.

“Ah, will you look at that?” One ditch digger said.

“What’s our world coming’ to when men of the’ cloth are visiting’ such places?”

A short time later, a Protestant minister walked up to the door and quietly slipped inside.

“Do you believe that?” The workman exclaimed.

“Why, ‘this no wonder the’ young people today are so confused, what with the example clergymen set for them.”

After an hour went by, the men watched as a Catholic priest quickly entered the whore house.

“Ah, what a pity,” the digger said, leaning on his shovel.

“One of the’ poor lasses must be ill.”