What Weird Flex Are You Proud Of? Here’s What People Had to Say.

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Am I right, or am I right?

I think I’m right!

And the AskReddit users that you’re about to hear from are proud of their weird flexes, as they should be.

Take a look and see what you think!

“All I’ve ever wanted was my own apartment, girlfriend, dog, and enough money to not stress out over bills and the occasional luxury.

As of yesterday, I finally have all three.”

“I can play Dr. Feelgood front to back on guitar pretty much note for note.

I learned it as a teenager and every year or two ill put it on to see if i still remember everything.

Did it again a few weeks ago and still have it down.”

“I can wake up without an alarm clock unless I am horribly dr**k the night before, even then sometimes it works.

All I do is tell myself when I have to wake up and just like that my eyes open 5/7 minutes before.

I have assumed the role of an alarm for a friend/roommate lot of times for this reason and I am absolutely f**king proud of it.”

“I have a sock drawer that has 72 of the same exact socks.

I never have to fold them or dig around to make a matching pair.”

“I’ve donated over 2 gallons of blood.

I have O negative and cmv negative blood, so my blood is used in emergencies involving newborn babies.”

“I’ve been at my job for 1.5 years.

I started at the shit end (overnight shift) 3 nights a week. 6 months ago, I was promoted to Shift Supervisior. Last week, I was promoted to Store Leader.

I have worked minimum wage and d**d-end jobs my whole life. I am super proud of myself!”

“My family bloodline on my moms side is excommunicated from the Catholic Church because my great great uncle knocked a nun out in private school.”

“I have the widest gap between my front teeth you’ll ever see.

Hell, people call me the Suez Canal (joke in my language) for how wide the gap is.”

“I played in the Jr Olympics in New Orleans in roller hockey once.

I just don’t tell anyone how the team and I did.”

“I ate an octoburger.

8 patties, 8 slices of cheese. I didnt eat anything else for 2 days and had an unquenchable thirst for a week.

10/10 do not recommend and i dont regret it.”

“My picture is in the Sep. 1987 National Geographic.

There was a story about James Madison that had a picture of my company of the Old Guard, dressed as colonial soldiers, firing our muskets.”

“As a chef I have a massive library, close to around 300 books, over half of them are all food-related.

I only own 17 cookbooks/recipe books.”

“High school jazz band competition for the entire region…our school didn’t win, but the guy in charge of judging made special mention of me and how I was the best drummer he’d seen in 20 years of judging the jazz bands.

Brought me out for my own standing ovation.”

Do you have a weird flex you’re proud of?

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