16+ Embarrassing Moms Who Have Never Heard Of Boundaries

Parents are always there to embarrass their kids at one point or another in all manner of wonderful ways!

We will probably all have memories of being embarrassed by a parent in the past, so to make you feel in good company, here are 16+ embarrassing moms who have never heard of boundaries!

“So my dad had to go get a colonoscopy this morning, this is the note my mom left me for when I wake up.”

Reddit | herecomesthedrums

Far too much detail in this note. I’m sure this person could have done without this image in their head.

“Halloween meatloaf made by my Mum. Happy Halloween!”

Reddit | felicityHmuffman

Every time that someone makes one of these hideous meatloaf creations they make me wretch and nearly vomit. I don’t know why i keep going out of my way to find them, morbid curiosity I guess.

“My mom always finds a way to surprise me on my birthday.”

Reddit | ggbuttstead

Well, you heard it here first folks, it appears that Dave does indeed suck! Sorry Dave, the cake has spoken.

“My girlfriend added stickers to her pregnant belly, and I’m crying.”

Reddit | ShaggyLlamaRage

I feel like this face has a secret that it isn’t meant to tell me but it just can’t hold it in any longer!

“I asked my mom for a cool bookmark and this is what she gave me… Yes, that is my mother.”

Reddit | GreenPantSuit

Just like Big Brother, your mother is always keeping a watchful eye on you! Be very wary!

“My mom accidentally printed her divorce papers on stickers.”

Reddit | lmhimes75

I cannot think of few things more on the nose than sticking these stickers all over your ex’s car!

A Gig To Remember!

Twitter | mrnickharvey

Wow, I wonder how the rest of the gig went? Must have been a bit of an underwhelming encore.

“Ran into this at our local greasy spoon this morning.”

Reddit | TheGamerXym

As a few other people also pointed out, judging from that kid’s sullen expression, that t shirt is not lying!

“My family is pretty odd. Tonight, my mom hired an Elvis impersonator and didn’t tell anyone about it.”


I mean, no one should knowingly subject an unwilling participant to an intimate show by an Elvis impersonator, that’s got to be in breach of some human rights laws surely?

“Caught the perfect shot of my mom trying to get the cat out of the tomato garden.”

Reddit | kaasett

This is perhaps the most cartoon-like that reality has ever seemed! That person’s mother is like so many cartoon grandmothers all rolled into one.

“My mom photocopies recipes off of her iPad.”

Reddit | devillius

Someone really needs to show this poor mother how to take a screenshot! I dread to think how much she could save on printer ink!

“My mother got embarrassed when she ‘found my girlfriends’ panties’ on our kitchen table.”

Reddit | TommyNoble21

It would have been even more embarrassing if she had seen someone come in and just put it on their face.

“My dad and I told my mom we’d leave the Apple store only after she had taken a ‘selfie’ on every device. Next thing I know her face is all over the store…”

Imgur | Zigzag0

Wow, it is testament to how much this poor woman clearly hates being in the Apple store that she would so quickly agree to this! In fairness, I can understand why she would want to leave, what with the constant overbearing attitude of smugness in there.

“My mom crocheted my dog a cigar…”

Reddit | Panixcx

It’s disgusting to advocate for dogs to be smoking, do you not know how many dogs die from smoking-related illnesses each year? I mean, I don’t, but it’s probably a lot!

“My mom got tired of me making fun of her ‘Live Laugh Love’ sign and modified it.”

Reddit | MayorsMaxims

As embarrassing as it is that they had a “live, laugh, love” sign up in the first place, I actually really like this version!

“My mom has struggled to comprehend secret Santa in the past…”

Reddit | proxima

Although, someone pointed out that this would be an amazing idea if this present was actually from their father…if only it had been.

“Mom is the manager [of] the golf course. She’s still keeping tabs on me, I’m 35.”


The fact that this person’s mother still calls them “Pumk’n” is unbearably adorable!

“The pillow my mom made me really ties the room together.”

Reddit | Kitty-Idaho

I think that the only thing that you could really do with this is use it as a bean bag chair.

“Went to put on my boots for the first time since last fall. Pulled out an ancient moldy banana and a this note in my mom’s handwriting. Think I missed this joke by about a year…”

Imgur | sagelface

Oh, dear lord, the idea of stepping into a year-old moldy banana is making me feel more ill than the meat face meatloaf!

“Mom dressed up as her son for Halloween…”

Reddit | Flintor

I mean, she did an absolutely spectacular job with this costume! It’s hard to tell them apart!

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