19 Traits That People Instantly Dislike Others For

Whether you like it or not, first impressions are everything.

They give people a quick snapshot of who a person is and their background. If you are kind to others, you will be welcomed with open arms. But if you snap at others and chew with your mouth open, well, you won’t have many fans.

Some of these annoyances are universal. Here are 19 traits that people instantly dislike others for.

When someone displays a personality trait you dislike about yourself

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Misery doesn’t always like company. This Redditor explained that it’s their own insecurity that causes them to be dismissive or judgmental of others.

For example, if someone has a problem with drinking and they secretly share that problem, they may be overly critical of them.

People who obviously don’t listen when you talk


“I recently had a phone date with a person. 45 minute call. I had to interrupt so I could spend 5 minutes telling a relatable story. It was difficult to get a word in edgewise. I just wanted to hang up on the person.” – u/Cwilkes704

People acting different towards you in a group of people

This is beyond rude and completely inauthentic. When someone does this, it makes you question how they really feel about you. If they ignore you in a group setting, are they embarrassed by you?

Someone who tries to make you the butt of the joke when you just met

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“I hate those people. They love to target one person in a group to be the butt of all jokes in their great one man comedy show. When you ask them to stop or, God forbid, try to defend yourself, they accuse you of having no sense of humor and being overly sensitive.” – u/atleastistoletheshow

People who are rude


This goes beyond how the person treats you. It also matters how they treat others.

For instance, if you’re on a first date and the person is extremely rude to the waitress, that’s a red flag! If they’re that rude in public, how will they act in private?

Making up fake stories so that others like you

You should always question the person who has the craziest stories. One week, they almost got attacked by a shark? Another time they played golf with Bill Gates? The truth will always come out.

If they always try to one-up you on something

You could say that you cooked a great dinner last night and they’ll but in with their story of the best steak of their lives. Not everything is a competition!

Criticizing you for using so-called “big words”

“I remember I used the word ‘scrutinize’ in a sentence in front of a group of my friends when telling a story and they all burst out laughing. I was totally confused and afterward they explained to me it was because I had used a so-called “big” word.” – u/motown_1971

People who always have to be the center of attention

They’re the ones who overtake all conversations and do whatever it takes to keep the spotlight on them. Being around these types of people is exhausting.

People who talk over others


“This happens to me all the time. Makes me so mad. And people who know me wonder why I’m am introvert. Because y’all mofos don’t listen to me anyway, why say anything at all. What’s the point?” -u/vitaveetavegimin

People who try to make your suffering looks less than it is

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These are the worst kind of people. You come to them with your suffering and they say, “people have it so much worse than you!” This completely discounts your feelings and situation.

People who talk down someone’s appearance or situation

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“It’s crazy to me that people just do that. If anything it shows their true colours, like imagine the [expletive] they say about you behind your back if they’re so comfortable doing it in front of you behind someone elses.” – u/BellyPuffer

When they say, “Why are you so quiet?”

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Well, SUSAN, MAYBE IF YOU LET OTHERS GET A WORD IN EDGEWISE, I WOULDN’T HAVE TO BE. Ever think about that?! But seriously, it all comes down to the other person not letting others talk.

When they post videos on social media of them doing kind acts for charity

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Dear influencers: it’s perfectly fine to do a nice deed without someone knowing about it! These days, people record the faces of homeless people not from the goodness of their hearts, but for the likes.

People who brag about how much money they make

“I find it really inconsiderate of those around as you never know what others financial situation is and no one should be made to feel like shit because buddy over here wants to talk about being financially independent by 35.” – u/Firingneuron

When they eat with their mouths open

This is a pretty easy way to piss people off! Not only is it extremely rude (were they raised by wolves?), it’s also extremely disgusting to look at!

When people hold obvious double standards that they never question


“Like its okay for me to do this because I’m X but its not ever okay for you to do that thing because your Y. If it’s not okay for them its probably not okay for you either.” -u/jezz555

When they can’t carry a conversation


“K” is not a sentence! Either in text or in person. If someone fails to keep the flow of conversation going, it makes the other person feel awkward. If you don’t want to talk to us, just tell us!

People who have no regard for personal space/limits and boundaries.

“As an autistic adult, there are things I cannot physically, mentally and emotionally handle. Once when I was having a minor meltdown after being overstimulated and upset, a complete stranger touched my shoulder to ‘soothe’ me and just made me even more upset and very uncomfortable.” – u/totallynotalaskan

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