A 17-year-old girl talks to her mom

A 17-year-old woman talks to her mother and says:
– Mommy, I simply had my exams accomplished and… I’m pregnant…

– WHAT?!! (Screams, imprecations, wailing, tears, and so on.)…Who was the ?…I need to know!…Proper now you inform your father and make up with him…and That creep higher present his face!

So, the woman makes a cellphone name. Some time later, a Ferrari Enzo seems in entrance of the home,

from which a considerably mature man will get out, with graying hair, impeccably dressed and with a distinguished demeanor; 

He enters the home, sits on the couch in the lounge -in entrance of the daddy, the mom and the younger woman- and says:

– Good morning and good to fulfill you. Her daughter has knowledgeable me of the issue. 

Nonetheless, I can’t marry her as a result of I’m already married; I’ve my household and… this was only a fling… however I’ll handle it. 

If a lady is born, I’ll give her three boutiques downtown, 2 furnished residences, a seashore home, and a $500,000 checking account. 

If a toddler is born, the legacy will consist of two factories, 2 residences, a home within the South Lakes and the $500,000 account. 

If they’re twins, 2 factories and $500,000 every. Alternatively, if the being pregnant is misplaced…

Immediately, the daddy – who had been silent the entire time – will get up, places his hand on her shoulder and says:

Fuck her once more!!!