A blonde woman boards a plane

As soon as the airplane has taken off, and the seatbelt indicators have turned off, she will get up, takes her stuff, and strikes a couple of rows ahead to an unoccupied top quality seat.

One of many cabin crew approaches her and politely says “Excuse me madame, however you may’t sit right here.

This can be a top quality seat, and also you’ve solely paid for an economic system seat. I need to kindly ask you to return to the seat you paid for.”

She seems up on the attendant, and fairly pompously pronounces “I’m younger, I’m stunning, I’m flying to Los Angeles, and I need to fly top quality, so I’m not transferring.”

The attendant retreats, considerably flustered. He speaks to the cabin chief, who approaches the lady and tells her the identical factor: “Madame, please return to the seat you obtain.”

The identical response… “I’m younger, I’m stunning, I’m flying to Los Angeles, and I need to fly top quality. I’m not transferring.”

The cabin chief speaks to the cockpit crew. The copilot smiles and says, “Don’t fear – I’m married to a blonde, I understand how to talk to them.”

He calmly will get up and approaches the lady, asking her to maneuver. Identical response.

Then he bends down and whispers one thing to her, whereupon she promptly will get up, takes her belongings, and returns to her unique seat.

The cabin crew is shocked. The chief approaches the copilot and asks, “What the hell did you say to her?!”

“It’s fairly easy actually. When she stated she was flying to Los Angeles, I stated: sure madame, however you see, top quality isn’t going to Los Angeles, solely economic system is.”