A car enthusiast speeds along the motorway at 160 km

A automotive fanatic speeds alongside the motorway at 160 km per hour in his model new Ferrari.

At one level he even sees himself overtaken by…a hen!

Shocked and offended, he presses the accelerator and exceeds it at 200km/h.
However shortly afterwards the hen overtakes him once more at 250km/h.

The 2 proceed this frantic competitors till the hen swerves and rushes into an adjoining area to eat and peck.

The intrigued motorist follows him to a farmer’s farm:

“Hello, do you know that she has unbelievable chickens? They go like my Ferrari, however how is that potential?”

“Sure, I do know thanks.. they’re my invention, they’re chickens with three legs and I created them particularly to fulfill our culinary wants.

“Actually? And inform me..how are they on the desk?”
“And what do I do know? I’ve by no means been capable of catch one!!”

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