A Couple Broke A Woman’s Windshield When She Parked In The Spot They Were Trying To Save

Source: TikTok/@davinagates

People…it’s just a parking space…

So the best thing to do is relax, move on, and find another one before something like this happens…or something worse.

A TikTokker named Davina shared a video and showed viewers how things went sideways when she encountered a couple who were trying to save a spot in a parking lot for a friend.

Source: TikTok/@davinagates

In the video’s caption, Davina said that she was leaving a bar in Echo Park in Los Angeles when the couple wouldn’t let her park in the spot they were trying to save.

Source: TikTok/@davinagates

She then explained that her friends tried to ask the woman to get out of the way but the couple wouldn’t budge.

The couple’s friend never showed up, things got heated, and the man and woman eventually shattered Davina’s car windshield because she took the parking spot.


Source: TikTok/@davinagates

Let’s check out the video.


Tonight me and some friends went to a bar called Prado in echo park and this couple decided to stand in a parking spot to hold a place for their friend who wasn’t there yet. I went to park and the woman wouldn’t move so my friends got out of the car to talk to them. We asked the girl to move out of the street but she gave us attitude and we told her it wasn’t fair to hold a spot when we were there and ready to park. We were very friendly and 5 minutes went by and their “friend” didn’t show up so we went back and forth politely but this couple ended up breaking my windshield because we parked in the spot. Please if you know these people let me know. We’re trying to file a police report and the bar wasn’t able to find out who the people were. #echopark

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Here’s what people had to say.

One person summed it up perfectly.

Source: TikTok/@davinagates

Another person was impressed by how calm she was.

Source: TikTok/@davinagates

And this person said that area of LA is smaller than most folks think…

Source: TikTok/@davinagates

I hope these folks get caught.

What a couple of jerks!

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