A family of snails made up of father

A household of snails made up of father, mom and daughter decides to have a picnic and slowly they set off.

It takes them 5 years to get to the chosen park and simply when they’re about to eat they notice they’ve forgotten the corkscrew at residence.

At that time the daughter snail provides to go residence to get the corkscrew and she or he says:

“I’ll go get it, however you look ahead to me, don’t eat till I get there, okay?”

The mother and father settle for and wait, however 10 years go by they usually start to now not tolerate starvation. 

In order that they attempt to take a chunk of the meals when the little snail emerges from behind a stone and says to them:

“Oh no! For those who do that I gained’t go residence to get the corkscrew!”