A guy comes into a bar

A man comes right into a bar and asks the barman for twelve-year-old scotch.

The barman thinks “This man is fairly pretentious” and proceeds to pour him a drink of six-year-old scotch.

He provides it to the shopper who takes a drink, exclaiming, “This isn’t twelve-year-old scotch, that is six-year-old scotch”

The barman thinks, hey this man is aware of what he’s speaking about, and the 2 of them get right into a dialog about the place the shopper is from and so on..

At one level an outdated man, who was sitting on the different finish of the bar comes over with a glass and fingers it to the shopper.

The latter takes a drink, and spits it out.

“That is piss!” he yells.

The outdated man nods and says, “Yeah, however how outdated am I?”