A guy goes over to his friend house

A man goes over to his pal’s home, rings the bell, and the spouse solutions.

“Hello, is Hank house?” he asks.

“No, I’m sorry, he’s out operating some errands,” she replies.

“Would you thoughts if I wait?” he asks.

“No, that may be tremendous. Come on in,” she says.

They go into the kitchen, sit down, and the man says, “You recognize, Laura, you have got probably the most stunning melons I’ve ever seen.

I’ll offer you 100 bucks if I might simply see one.”

Laura thinks about it for a second and figures what the heck.

She opens her gown and lets him see one.

He promptly thanks her and throws 100 bucks on the desk.

They sit some time longer and Ben says, “They are surely so stunning.

I simply must see each of them.

I’ll offer you one other hundred bucks if I might simply see each of them collectively.”

Laura thinks about it and figures what the heck.

She opens her gown and offers Ben a pleasant lengthy look.

He thanks her, throws one other hundred bucks on the desk and says, “I actually can’t wait any longer.

Please inform Hank I finished by,” and leaves.

A short time later, Hank arrives house and Laura greets him on the door.

“Your pal Ben stopped by to see you,” she says.

Hanks thinks for a second and asks, “Did he occur to drop off the 200 bucks he owes me?”

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