A man is looking for a long lost treasure

A person is on the lookout for an extended misplaced treasure and comes throughout an outdated .

He says, “I’m on the lookout for the Treasure of the Hidden Sea. Have you learnt the place to search out it?”

She smiles and says, “I do. However there’s a worth to pay in the event you do.”

“I’ll pay something,” the person says understanding that he’s been on the lookout for this treasure for 3 a long time. “Simply inform me methods to get there.” He pulls out his pockets however the witch places his hand on his.

“Not with cash,” she says softly as she as she pushes his a reimbursement into his pockets. “You’ll discover out in time.

First, you need to go and catch a carp from the river. When you have got the most important one, come again.”

The person goes to the river and catches fish after fish till he catches a carp twice the dimensions of the others. “This have to be it.”

He lets all of the others go and carries it to the witch.

She lets out a squeal of pleasure. “Wonderful,” she says. “Now that you’ve got the fish you’ll must go to the tunnel within the mountain.

In case you drag the carp by the tail to the opposite aspect after which come straight again, it opens a secret path and also you’ll be capable of discover the Treasure of the Hidden Sea.

He grabs the fish and carries it off to the mountain with the tunnel. On the best way he sees a person who stops him. “

Oh don’t carry that there, that mountain is cursed in the event you carry that fish by means of there you may be cursed eternally.

I would like to search out the treasure,” the primary man says. “It’s my future.”

“I might not advise it,” the opposite man says. “The tunnel will curse you eternally.”

He will get to the tunnel and places the fish down. He grabs it by the tail and drags it by means of the tunnel.

It takes hours upon hours to stroll by means of, and simply as he thinks he’s about to break down, he makes it to the opposite aspect.

“Don’t drag that carp again by means of the tunnel,” a person says working as much as him. “This tunnel is cursed and the fish will full it!”

“I’ve to, that is my future,” the person says. He continues again by means of and as he approaches the far aspect of the tunnel, he thinks he’s hallucinating from fatigue because the pathway in entrance of him transforms and he sees the forest flip to ocean earlier than his very eyes.

He walks sooner and sooner and he comes out the opposite aspect sprinting to the treasure chest earlier than him.

Piles and piles of gold are earlier than his eyes.

“I’m going to be the richest man on the earth!” He reaches down and tries to choose up a small coin to look at however cries out in agony as a ache shoots by means of his fingers.

He tries once more however he can’t shut his hand round it tight sufficient.

Each time he screams out as he’s unable to clasp a single piece of treasure.

Poof The witch seems behind him.

“What have you ever performed to me,” the person begs. “What have you ever performed.”

She smirks, “You’ll now endure from Carp Pull Tunnel.”