A man was sitting at the bar

A person was sitting on the bar in a watering gap whose promoting level was that it was on prime of the most important skyscraper on the town.

One other man walks in and asks the bartender for a Jack Daniel’s.

He downs it, after which takes a operating leap out the window.

A lot to everyone’s shock, he floats again up and climbs by means of the window again into the bar.

The person on the bar is amazed and asks the person how he did it.

“Simple,” says the person.

“Exterior this window are some very robust wind currents which may carry you again to the window.”

“Wow,” says the person on the bar.

“I gotta do that.”

He takes a operating leap out the window and falls to a horrible, bloody, and flat demise.

“Geez, Superman,” says the bartender.

“You could be a actual a jerk once you’re drunk.”