A Priest and a Lawyer walk into a bakery

A Priest and a Lawyer stroll right into a bakery.


The Lawyer appears round shrewdly, grabs three freshly baked buns and shortly places them into his pockets.


He says to the Priest, “That took nice talent and guile to steal these buns. The proprietor didn’t even see me.”


The Priest replied, “That’s simply easy thievery, I’II present you tips on how to do it the trustworthy approach and get the identical outcomes.”


The Priest then proceeded to name out to the proprietor of the bakery, “Sir, I need to present you a miracle of the lord.”


The proprietor was intrigued so he came to visit to see what the priest was speaking about.


The Priest requested him for a bun, after which he proceeded to present it to a homeless-looking man exterior.


He requested two extra instances, and after as soon as once more handing the buns out, the proprietor says, “Okay my pal, the place’s the miracle?”


The Priest stated,


“Look within the Lawyer’s pockets.”