A rather confident man walks into a bar

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A relatively assured man walks right into a bar and takes a seat subsequent to a really enticing girl.

He offers her a fast look, then casually seems to be at his look ahead to a second.

The girl notices this and asks, ‘Is your date working late?’

‘No’, he replies, ‘I simply purchased this state-of-the-art watch and I used to be simply testing it.’

The intrigued girl says, ‘A state-of-the-art watch? What’s so particular about it?’

‘It makes use of alpha waves to telepathically discuss to me,’ he explains.

‘What’s it telling you now?’

‘Properly, it says you’re not sporting any panties…’

The girl giggles and replies, ‘Properly it should be damaged then as a result of I’m sporting underwear!’

The person explains, ‘Rattling factor should be an hour quick.’

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