A very sick woman on her sick bed

A really sick girl on her sick mattress mentioned to her husband:

Honey if I die, how lengthy would it not take you earlier than you marry a one other spouse…?!

The person replied: Until your grave turns into dry my love.

Then she mentioned: Are you promising me this…?

Husband replied: After all darling… I promise you.

And after her demise, her husband started to go to her grave on a regular basis for a interval of 1 yr.

And the grave was all the time moist, it by no means turned dry…!!!

And a day got here when he visited the graveyard within the night, he discovered her brother within the graveyard. He then requested him:

Jason what are you doing right here…?

He replied: I’m fulfilling the want of my solely sister.

She mentioned I ought to please come right here on a regular basis to moist her grave.