Amer tells a story – Mr-Jokes

Amer tells a narrative a couple of lecturer who started a seminar holding up a one greenback invoice, and asking:

Who desires this greenback invoice?

A number of palms went up, however the lecturer mentioned: earlier than handing it over, there’s one thing I need to do.

He furiously crushed it, and requested once more: who nonetheless desires this invoice?

The palms continued raised and what if I do that?

He threw it towards the wall, letting it fall to the ground, kicked it, stamped in it and once more held up the invoice all soiled and crumpled.

He repeated the query, and the palms continued to be held excessive.

You mustn’t ever overlook this scene mentioned the lecturer it doesn’t matter what I do with this cash, it’ll nonetheless be a one greenback invoice.

“Many instances in our lives, we’re crushed, stamped on, kicked, maltreated, offended; nevertheless, despite this, we’re nonetheless price the identical.”

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