Boyfriend Buys Luxury Baby Items As Christmas Gifts For Girlfriend, But She Doesn’t Think They Should Count As Presents For Her

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This soon to be father really stepped in it this time.

He took to Reddit to share his story.

So my (25M) partner (24F) is 7 months pregnant, with our baby boy due in March next year.

At least he is aware and proactive of his bad gift giving habits.

Now I’m admittedly bad at thinking of what gifts to get people, so I always take a note of when they say they want something so that I have a list.

In the past several months though, almost everything that she’s mentioned has been related to the baby.

I’m not talking the essentials, but really high end, expensive designer strollers, furniture, diaper bags etc that can cost up to a few thousand dollars each that aren’t really necessary.

The new mom wants to feel good and look good at any cost.

She’s been absolutely fixated on some of these things, mentioning multiple times how much she wanted them, and was even toying with the idea of saving up to buy them herself (I’m not sure if she did decide to or not).

Now I got a really healthy bonus at work recently, so decided to splurge on a few of the things she mentioned as a christmas gift to her.

I made sure to remove anything related off her registry and off our list of things we still needed to buy, so that no one else would buy it.

Not sure how he thought he could keep it a secret….

I thought I did it discreetly, but she somehow noticed and quizzed me about it.

I didn’t feel like there was any point hiding it, so I told her I had bought those things as a Christmas gift to her.

I thought she’d be grateful, but she was irritated instead, and went on a bit of rant about how it was unfair to count things for the baby as a christmas gift to her, because it was something we’d both use, and no one ever gifts the father baby stuff.

And that it was inconsiderate of me to see her as only a mother now and not a person herself.

These aren’t just any ordinary baby items.

Now I get her point, but the way I see it is that the items themselves aren’t necessarily the gift, but more so the act of me buying them for her, given they are luxuries that she specifically wanted and were not necessities at all (e.g. paying $2000 for a pram vs $200).

Maybe he should have mentioned it to her.

Also, it wasn’t the only gifts I bought her.

I got her about a dozen smaller, cheaper things that were on my list, as well as a more expensive tennis bracelet + earring set that she had been eyeing, though I didn’t mention that to her.

So AITA for including things for the baby as part of her Christmas gifts?

Reddit users rallied around the mom for this one.

One user said that he is essentially assigning the baby to her and her alone.


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Another person offered up some advice on ways to rephrase the luxury baby items as gifts, but not Christmas gifts.

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This reader didn’t think the action was necessarily the ******* move, but the invalidation of her feelings.

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Hopefully these comments will prove useful to both the new father and the new mother.

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