Car Dealership’s Co-Worker Office Video Is So Relatable To Any Profession. – ‘Of course we get separation anxiety when you’re off.’

Source: TikTok/@zena_hassan7

You might refer to the co-worker you’re closest to as your work husband or wife.

After all you spend most of your day with them and you have to get along.

But in a viral TikTok  Zena Hassan (@zena_hassan7) has laid bare the weird colleague-friend relationship.

Zena, who works at a BMW car dealers, told her followers: “We’re coworkers but that doesn’t mean we always have to get lunch together.”

Then her colleagues joined in and stated things like: “We’re coworkers, of course we are gonna make plans here to hang out after work but we’re never gonna follow through.”

Source: TikTok/@zena_hassan7

Another added: “We’re coworkers, of course we get separation anxiety when you’re off.”

A guy then admitted: “We’re coworkers, of course we’re gonna be delighted to do whatever you ask me right before I clock out.”

And a female colleague admitted something quite hilarious, stating: “We’re coworkers, of course I’m gonna get mad when you call someone else your work buddy.”

Source: TikTok/@zena_hassan7

Admit it, most of us totally relate. We love our work bestie!

Source: TikTok/@zena_hassan7

Watch the full clip here:


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Here’s what people thought of the work friends issue:

Some really get it!

Source: TikTok/@zena_hassan7

Some sincere honesty from this guy!

Source: TikTok/@zena_hassan7

This guy REALLY gets it!

Source: TikTok/@zena_hassan7

Now go out there and make a best friend at work!

Just as long as they don’t follow you home!

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