Frank was excited about his new rifle

Frank was enthusiastic about his new rifle and determined to strive bear looking.

He travels as much as Alaska, spots a small brown bear and shoots it.

Proper afterwards, there was a faucet on his shoulder and he rotated to see a giant black bear.

The black bear stated, “That was a really unhealthy mistake.

That was my cousin and I’m going to offer you two selections both I maul you to loss of life or now we have making love.”

After contemplating briefly, Frank determined to just accept the latter various.

So the black bear has his method with Frank, Though he felt sore for 2 weeks, Frank quickly recovered and vowed revenge.

He headed out on one other journey again to Alaska the place he discovered the black bear and shot it lifeless.

Proper afterwards, there was one other faucet on his shoulder this time an enormous grizzly bear stood proper subsequent to him.

The grizzly stated, “That was a giant mistake, Frank.

That was my cousin and also you’ve bought two selections, Both I maul you to loss of life or now we have tough make love.”

Once more, Frank thought it was higher to cooperate with the grizzly bear than be mauled to loss of life.

So the grizzly has his method with Frank.

Though he survived, it took a number of months earlier than Frank totally recovered.

Now Frank is totally outraged, so he headed again to Alaska and managed to trace down the grizzly bear and shoot it.

He felt candy revenge, however then moments later, there was a faucet on his shoulder.

He rotated to discover a big polar bear standing there.

The polar bear checked out him and stated, “Admit it Frank, you don’t come right here for the looking do you?”