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Again within the frontier days, a westbound wagon prepare was misplaced and low on meals.

No different people had been seen for days, when lastly they noticed an “Outdated Jewish Man” sitting beneath a tree. The chief rushed to him and stated, “We’re misplaced and operating out of meals. Is there someplace forward the place we will get meals?

“Vell,” the previous Jew stated, “I vouldn’t go up dat hill und down different facet. Somevun instructed me you’ll run into a giant bacon tree.”

“A bacon tree?” requested the wagon prepare chief.

“Yah, ah bacon tree. Belief me. For nuttin vud I lie.”

The chief goes again and tells his those who if nothing else, they could have the ability to discover meals on the opposite facet of the following ridge.

“So why did he say to not go there?” a number of the pioneers requested.

“Oh, you already know these Jews — they don’t eat bacon.”

So the wagon prepare goes up the hill and down the opposite facet. Instantly, Indians assault and bloodbath everybody besides the chief, who barely manages to flee again to the previous Jew, who’s having fun with a “glassel tea.”

The near-dead man begins shouting, “You idiot! You despatched us to our deaths! We adopted your directions, however there was no bacon tree! There was a whole bunch of Indians, who killed everybody.”

The previous Jew holds up his hand and says “Oy, vait a minute.” He then will get out an previous English-Yiddish dictionary, and begins thumbing by way of it. “Gevalt, I made myself ah large mistake. It vuz not a bacon tree.
It vuz a ham bush!”