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A farmer from the cotton fields of Central Texas dies and goes to hell. Why? Properly, solely his spouse, God and the Satan is aware of!

As soon as there, the Satan notices that this farmer isn’t struggling like the remaining there are. He checks his gauges and sees that it’s 95 levels and about 80% humidity.

So he goes to the farmer and asks why he’s so blissful. The farmer replies “I prefer it right here. It’s identical to plowing my fields in June.”

Sad with the farmer’s response, the satan goes again to his controls and turns the temperature as much as 105 levels and 90% humidity.

After making the adjustment, the satan goes on the lookout for the farmer. Discovering him simply as blissful as will be, the Satan may be very pissed off and asks the farmer once more why he’s so blissful.

“That is even beter now! It’s like pulling weeds within the fields throughout July!” says the farmer.

The Satan, now fairly upset and deciding to make the farmer actually undergo, returns to his controls and cranks the warmth as much as 115 levels and the humidity to 100%.

“Now we’ll see if that farmer is smiling!” he thinks as he goes on the lookout for the farmer once more. However he discovered him sitting on the bottom, blissful as ever. Now the Satan is madder than earlier than.

When he asks the farmer why he’s blissful now, the farmer solutions, “That is nice, it’s identical to driving the picker in August!”

That was sufficient for the Satan. Operating again to his controls, he turns the temperature all the way down to a freezing 10 levels beneath zero.

Inside a matter of minutes, the swimming pools of molten brimstone start to ice over. “Let’s see what what farmer has to say about this,” snickers the Satan to himself.

To his shock, the Satan returns to search out the farmer operating round and leaping for pleasure, yelling on the high of his lungs: “The Cowboys gained the SuperBowl! I can’t consider it! The Cowboys gained the Tremendous Bowl!”