Funny Joke: He went to buy a guard dog – His wife was angry when he returned with a chihuahua

A pair determine that they want a guard canine.

So the man goes to a pet store and says to one of many staff, “I would like a guard canine to guard my condominium”

The worker responds, “I’ve the right canine for you”, she then confirmed him a chihuahua.

The person was not impressed and stated, “I would like a canine that may guard our home and fend off burglars, a chihuahua can’t do this.”

“However that is no common chihuahua. It’s an assault chihuahua!” the worker stated. “Right here, I’ll present you the way it works! Assault chihuahua, chair”

The worker pointed at a chair, and the man and the worker watched because the chihuahua destroyed the chair, leaving solely splinters behind.

“Wow,” the man stated “However I nonetheless suppose we want an actual guard canine.”

“Are you certain?” she responded. “Right here I’ll present you once more. Assault chihuahua, desk!”

She pointed to a desk, and, once more, the chihuahua completely destroyed the desk.

The person stated “Okay! okay! I’ll take it.”

When he introduced it residence, his spouse was very offended.

“Why did you purchase a chihuahua?!” She yelled

“As a result of,” he responded, “that is no abnormal chihuahua, that is an assault chihuahua!”

She responded,

“Assault chihuahua, my ass!”


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